Incooom V2: Coronation of the KING

Memories made in the coldest winter

After months of winter we have endured a lot as INCOOOM fellow Kings and Queens. The time of ferver and chaos provided a lot of innovation and destructive capital but all in the name of the game we play.

Incooom’s goal first and foremost was to become a community of high level blockchain players experimenting with new implementations that incite a greater feeling of novelty and innovation. Lets look back at where we stand thus far:

  • INCOOOM Genesis Collection
  • INCOOOM VIPP Early Adopter NFT
  • INCOOOM King’s Gala Collection

Four collections of digital assets that were put forth for a greater vision to integrate into a bigger platform, the KING’S VAULTS.

Like all things regarding ‘Royalty’; decisions must be made in accordance with the highest regard to the our current time and place in the stars. Today on this last full moon of Winter and a perfect time to bring in the new dynamic INCOOOM V2.

Kings are bilt difrent


The KING token is an ERC-20 used within the ecosystem of INCOOOM. $KING token will serve for making decisions via voting for the KING’S VAULTS platform.


Network: Ethereum

Contract: 0x002CdEbFCE2F5E3FD704DA0fa346Ad2621353B92

Total Supply: 333,333,333 KING

Distribution: Genesis and King’s Gala tokens will be eligible to claim an allotment of the initial supply of KING token. The claim of KING will be made available on MARCH 22, 2022. There is no snap shot as the tokens are entitled to each specific Genesis or Kings Gala NFT.

After the token claim commences we will open up a liquidity pool allowing Incooomers the ability to buy and sell KING and set a market value.


The $COMMA token is an integral part of the Incooom mechanism. Initially we set out to create a mechanism of game-fi where hands of specific card combination enabled fee share on the NFTx LPs held in the treasury. Due to high gas costs and complexity of on chain calculations it took our team a bit to discover an incredibly novel tool, but alas the time has come to distribute all of the fees aggregated to the community holders.


Network: Ethereum

Contract: 0x6BD599a8b945074a375bF6BdbB7AbE3126603Cb6

Token Type: ERC-20 Set protocol INDEX token

This token is created by taking all fees generated from NFTx and minting COMMA. In essence COMMA can be traded for 1/3 $COOOM, $GCOOOM, and $PCOOOM through the token sets protocol. However, we will also be providing liquidity to directly swap with ETH.

You may be asking what is the point of holding both or either of these tokens and for that I introduce the KING’S VAULTS.


The King’s Vaults is a our first proprietary tool within INCOOOM to enable the true vision we seek to achieve.

Incooom was early on the trend of using NFT combined with tokens to see the true dynamics of our eco-system. While being one of the highest volume traded NFT projects on NFTx we were able to establish strong liquidity with our three tokens $COOOM , $GCOOOM, $PCOOOM . With King’s Vaults we are enabling a masterchef contract to incentivize liquidity and farming for our community. This not only serves as a great way for our initial distribution of $KING (after the claim function) but provides optionality to incentivize liquidity on any project the community chooses to add to the vaults.

For instance, if you are an $APE token liquidity provider, you could stake your APE/WETH LP inside of the KING’S VAULTS and earn additional yield on top of the fees you are generating as the provider.

Incooom has positioned itself to be a go to farm to incentivize NFT liquidity for any project following in our footsteps. Provided all decisions on farming and emissions will be determined by the community as a whole via $KING vote.

For the launch of KING’S VAULTS we will have two LPs to start for the first 30 days to not dilute current Incooomers: KING/ETH and COMMA/ETH. Emissions will be turned up to enable those who have stuck with to accumulate the bulk of the KING for voting power before we bring a new LP on board.

After the initial phase $KING will be able to be staked and gauged single sided to earn a portion of fees generated by autocompounders and fee revenue within the KING’S VAULTS.

More details pertaining to all three of these components will be posted in the coming days.

Over the coming days we will reveal more information pertaining to the token emission schedules as well as the new updated front end for incooom. Please follow medium and twitter.




Merging decentralized finance and NFT culture to proliferate the metaverse. Welcooom to the TAKEOVER.

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Merging decentralized finance and NFT culture to proliferate the metaverse. Welcooom to the TAKEOVER.

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