INCOOOM State of the Nation 11–1

As we turn over the calendar we have a lot to update here at INCOOOM. October was an amazing month where once again we attained 10X growth and incredible value proposition. This post will be a be all for all things INCOOOM and a teaser of what is to come.


Our genesis collection continues to be one of the hottest NFTs in the marketplace. Trading volumes are incredibly high through our protocol owned treasury vaults on NFTx. All 3 vaults rank in the top ten and are featured on NFTx front page. We are regularly ranked as the top project on rarible. Our 9,9 vault has in excess of 1.5 million dollars of value thanks to strategic buys and prudent treasury management. While this staggering growth seems high, it is only the beginning.

The biggest question we are getting from OOOG’s and newcooomer’s alike is “wen incooom?”

9,9 Vault

The time has come to commence our first payout. Please reference this dashboard to further understand the payout structure on genesis cards.

How will it work?

The sOHM will be sent to a distributor contract. From here, each card will be entitled to claim sOHM. The entitlement in the distributor is tied to the card, so any newcooomers buying a genesis card in NFTx will also be able to claim the underlying sOHM attributed to the card (so long as the sOHM has not been claimed). Currently a GUI is being developed and will be deployed at for your ease. Interacting directly with the contract is also an option. You can do so here.

Diamond Hands Club

We are still diligently building out the DHC club vault and distributor but expect it to be operational for the first GIGA payout here in around full moon November. Patience is needed as this is a more complex contract due to the nature of the ranker. We will publish the new vault and a dune dashboard for you to track and estimate what type of payout you can come to expect. This payout will be in a tri-token index $COMMA with active liquidity. $COMMA will allow newcooomers who are priced out of INCOOOM exposure to enter our ecosystem via a new on-ramp we are creating. We plan to create and incentivize liquidity via an LP with wsOHM/COMMA to further proliferate our ecosystem.



The KING in a former LIFE

King’s Gala is a collection of PFPs and our second signature offering at INCOOOM. The collection is available on Open Sea. This collection is a special one as if features the KING in his many past lives. At a capped mint of 3,600, King’s Gala will be a cornerstone tool used to proliferate our ecosystem into the greater NFT metaverse. Lacking in the same structured uniformity and distribution mechanisms of our genesis collection, King’s Gala NFTs will lay claim to the bedrock of INCOOOM NFT Vaults. Each NFT is unique and will lay equal claim to our metaversal development fund. Analagous to tradfi, think of GENESIS cards as a value stock, while GALA NFT’s a growth stock.

We will be developing out a vault to track and tokens associated with this regal collection over the coming month. As we approach Dank’s Giving, the King’s Vaults and #DankFi will feature this collection front and center to bootstrap a plethora on new dynamics within the INCOOOM ecosystem.

Congrats to all who were able to snag a mint and brave the gas fees. These will we worth their weight in GOLD as we push towards the end of the month and release tokens $KING and $CASH.


The VIPP cards have made their way to your wallets and is the first of many airdrops we have planned here at INCOOOM. These beautiful exclusivity passes are a testament to those who have been with us since the start. We will continue to feature the VIPP in our ecosystem for events, launches and airdrops going forward. While this was a free giveaway, it does convey value and will continue to in the INCOOOM ecosystem.

A SPECIAL THANK YOU to you VERY IMPORTANT PRIMATES who have been with us since pre-APEFEST.


WOW! What a smashing success our initiative has turned out to be. Over 2,000 unwanted NFTs have been sacrificed to KING INCOOOM in 18 days. From the amazing videos to the eclectic collection curated, RDA has been one of the funnest and most exciting promotions in the whole metaverse. While these JPEGs may not have “value” conveyed by zapper or opensea, they are beautiful in their own right and provide a museum for generations to admire and behold.

So what’s next?

There has been a lot of questions about RDA chip and incooom NFTs. We plan to provide all those who participated both!

RDA Chip

The RDA chip will be issued to all wallets submitting an NFT to KING INCOOOM. This chip will be used an NFT as proof of reformation under the guidelines of RUG DEALERS ANONYMOUS. No action will be needed on your behalf for this.


We will be building a collection of NFTs based off your submissions using GAN art. This means your once beloved jpegs will be recycled into a new revolutionary piece of art. What is GAN art you may ask?

GAN or Generative Adversarial Network refers to a code-based digital art practice that functions through the computer’s ability to create composite visual forms after the absorption of ‘datasets’ of imagery. … The artist tells STIR that his visual generation process is carried out, in its entirety, in code.

This collection will take time to develop and implement due to the overwhelming amount of submissions. We will detail out more information in discord as we download and start running algorithms on the images.

As we are playing on the theme of cleaning up the blockchain, what better way to greenfly your wallets at the same time? We are working out a mechanism to attach $BCT; a tool used by our friends at KLIMA DAO. A nominal amount of $BCT will be attached to the NFT meaning not only will you get a dank piece of ART, but you will be saving a bunch of trees. More details will be released on the utility of the $BCT as we are figuring out the best mechanism for redemption or wrapping into the KLIMA DAO protocol.

If you were able to sacrifice, good on you for taking part in this monumental piece of history. A green NFT and a part of the world’s largest crowdsourced NFT gallery is your destiny!


So far we are 7 weeks into KING INCOOOM’s reign of the TAKEOVER EPOCH count 4 NFT collections with 2 more on the way (RDA chip and KING GAN) and people still have the desire to ask, “what’s next?”

Well fren, I’m glad you asked. If you thought we were up to a lot in October, November is filled with even more epic dankness never to have been seen prior.

A map of of directives for November (not complete)

Part of the merger of NFT and DeFi involves both NFTs and tokens. By our best approximations there will be 8 tokens within the INCOOOM ecosystem operational by the end of the month. As we develop INCOOOM we have one thing in the mind and that's to provide ALFA to the PLEBDOM. This includes access to complex Defi primitives, building strong bonds with communities in win-win-win outcomes, and building the BEST with the tools we have.

A more robust explanation on this chart can be found on our twitch live stream here.

DankFi SZN


As we approach this month of gratitude there will be a lot to be DANKful for. In particular, the continued growth and success of INCOOOM. When we set forth on this mission, we did not have financial gain in mind. Our goal was to build epic shit with one selfish reason, GLORY. Our mission is to turn PLEB to KING in a true METAMORPHOSIS even OVID would be proud. The merger of DeFi and NFT was a lofty proposal, but we have proven the model and is merely phase 1. Remember back to APEFEST, this is a long term revolutionary protocol. DANKFi is the progression of Defi 1.0 and Defi 2.0 where we will no longer be satisfied trading tokens for tokens.

DankFi is the Merger of Meatspace and Metaverse”

We will be rolling out DankFi around a very special time, DanksGiving. Mind blowing offerings that have once been proposed in the cryptospace will become a reality like even the WILDEST imaginations couldn’t fathom. Recall back to APEFEST where “Incooom Island” and “Ohmie Hotel” were flippantly dropped by the Doctor. Now 10x that idea and you are reaching towards the ideal of DankFi.

It truly will be an exciting month at INCOOOM and we can’t wait to share all the ALFA as we continue to build all day everyday. For all the latest updates and ALFA follow us on twitter and discord.




Merging decentralized finance and NFT culture to proliferate the metaverse. Welcooom to the TAKEOVER.

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Merging decentralized finance and NFT culture to proliferate the metaverse. Welcooom to the TAKEOVER.

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