September has been quite the MOOONTH for INCOOOM! Take a look at some of our milestones thus far:

It’s been a beautiful month and the perfect mixture of work and play (of EARNIN’ and VIBIN’). But, my frens, this is just the start of a magnificent journey. You should know already, but if you gotta ask — YES, WE’RE STILL EARLY.

Cheers Incoomers


While it seems APEFEST and minting is a million miles in the rearview, we are only at the precipice. Let's look at the highlights of the (9,9) Genesis Collection a mere couple of weeks in.

MARKET CAP: Based on our current market cap (10/1 snapshot) and a post mint valuation of $866,052 (2916 units at .099 $ETH) giving us a nice 7.7X in 15 days! The train has barely left the station so expect more of the same in this regard.

(9,9) VAULT: The Vault has been EARNIN thanks to a strategically timed OTC transaction with Olympus DAO.

  • Growing our balance from 815 $OHM to 925 $OHM thanks to the power of (3,3)
  • Returns on $ETH have grown from 117 $ETH to 212 $ETH, a near DOUBLING of $ETH in less than 2 weeks
  • Keep track of our vault wallet here

This and much more to come has INCOOOM primed to be a top riser in Q4. We have been working non-stop to develop new launches and implement strategies but our VIBED OUT community is what we care about most!

Our amazing collective community is constantly asking:

“Dr. MONK Dr. MONK! What is next? I need ALFA for mi familia!”

True to the Incooom-Philosophy, ALPHA will be continuously dripped in a responsible and reasonable manner. ALFA Overdose is the true pandemic of our time and everything must be done to ensure optimal levels and prosperity for ALL INCOOOMERS!


October: TEN-ONE ➞ 10X

October is shaping up to be an ALFA stacked month of EARNIN’, BURNIN’, and MINTIN’. Today we present the roadmap framework to build INCOOOM Market Cap ($COOOM, $GCOOOM, $PCOOOM) to 10X status by Halloween.

(9,9) Guarded Launch

Today marks the start of our (9,9) leveraged play. We will conservatively scale into our leveraged positions due to market conditions using a benchmark of 6.9% collateral to obtain more OHM.

The guarded launch will be spearheaded by MONK, Brian and Kairos. They will serve on the (9,9) Council and make decisions based on market conditions to dial-in leveraged exposure. As we are community-based, weekly recaps and forum posts will allow for community input, tracking, and market sentiment contributions.

We will be rolling out analytics and tracking tools to ensure full transparency. Our performance and data gathered from the go-live guarded launch will be analyzed October 31st. We expect amazing performance and earning in bunches to help us reach our 10X destiny.

(9,9) Disbursements

The Incooom-generating-strategies are alive and well, but one major question we are often asked, is “wen incooom?” Our amazing devs are working out the mechanics on the distributor and we fully expect the Incooom redemption option to be available by the end of the month.

Our desire is to build the vault balance and analyze performance for all of October, but we will ensure the first distribution is EXTRA PHAT to compensate for the grueling six weeks of patiently waiting.

Diamond Hands Club (DHC)

Another common question we get is on the accumulation gamification strategy that has been proposed.

The DHC is a staking strategy where five cards can be wrapped and staked in a time lock contract. While cards are staked for the cycle, DHC members will be entitled to a share of the NFTX vault fees. Remember, the DHC is bonus revenue paid on top of the (9,9) vault performance. Thus far, there have been about 25–50K in fees based on Incooomers repositioning their hands.

The staking contract is under development and we hope to roll out the implementation on October 20 (FULL MOON). Like the vault, transparency and contracts will be deployed prior to going LIVE.

Another common question is about HAND Structure. Hands will be RANKED on a sliding scale based on Poker difficulty.

  • Bonus percentage will be on a sliding scale based on the difficulty of ranking
  • 3-Tiers will weigh on ranking; multi-tiered hands will revert to a lowest common denominator (ex 2 Gold Kings, 3 Common Aces = Common Full House)
  • Pooled fees will be distributed on a schedule to DHC Stakers
  • First Bonus ETA is on November 19 (FULL MOON)
A framework of hand structure

While tricky to forecast due to the several novel dynamics, the DHC is a bonus reward for those willing to commit to the pool. Long term mindset and win-win-win trade scenarios will occur with this gamification. We plan to release more on the DHC as we approach implementation. Additional native tools are being developed in coordination to facilitate clean and easy buying, selling, swapping, and listing. Community input is appreciated and once the pool is operational we will tweak and firm up incentive structures based on the most cohesive and fair gamification outcomes available.

Very Important Primate Pass

VIP Incooomers

The Very Important Primate (VIP) Pass is an offering we will be issuing to all OG Incooomers. The good part; it's free! The better part, it has value! The best part, ITS DOPE!

You might be asking “DOPE, BUT WTF IS IT?”… Listen fren, The VIP Pass is a tool Incooom will use for community status and exclusivity. VIP Pass holders will be entitled to perks for the entirety of INCOOOM’s meteoric rise.

If you are anxiously awaiting this dope card, remember that patience is a virtue. There will be no action needed on your part and an announcement will be made to remind VIP holders to OOOGLE their treasure when the time comes.

Rug Dealers Anonymous


Rug Dealers Anonymous RDA is a new launch presented by INCOOOM. We are using this project to roll-out outreach and to perform much-needed community service to the whole of the cryptosphere.


RDA is a community-driven event that will take place predominantly on Twitter. Starting today (TEN-ONE), please make sure you are following, retweeting, and liking the messaging over the next 12 days.

Twitter address

This is a community-inspired initiative that will conclude with some dope JAY-PEGS. Keisha and the marketing team are taking the lead so please contact them if you want to get involved.

In the meantime, follow RDA Twitter updates for the next 12 days & check out the teaser video!


We told you that we would be minting and earning this month and have covered two assets to pair with your genesis collection thus far.

As we like to play with the seasons, we are preparing a very special holiday drop around Halloween. This mint will be a little different from the genesis mint but will blow minds in a similar manner. GENESIS, VIP and RDA incentives will be given to this innovative launch. Stock up now to receive maximum air offerings.


On top of these three new assets, we at Incooom are preparing two additional cornerstone level drops that could see the October launch, but we prefer to hold some alfa and drip throughout the month. VIBE is BOOLISH

ALFA served RARE

Guild Development

As you can see, we have an ambitious schedule prepared for the coming month. 10X is the state of mind here at INCOOOM. Our aim is production and working as a collective to build DOPE shit. If you are interested in creating, get involved with our newly formed guild system. From there, we create cohort incubators that develop a concept from ideation to mint. WE ARE STRONGER TOGETHER. Get involved in any way you can! (Start by liking and sharing this post!)


Official Links

Genesis Offering (9,9) — Buy/Sell/Swap

Ethereum Contracts / Wallets

  • (9,9) Genesis Collection
  • (9,9) Genesis Vault




Merging decentralized finance and NFT culture to proliferate the metaverse. Welcooom to the TAKEOVER.

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Merging decentralized finance and NFT culture to proliferate the metaverse. Welcooom to the TAKEOVER.

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