Formally Announcing the King’s Gala

King Incooom requests the honooor of your presence at the King’s Gala, on the 29th of October at 21:00 UTC.


The King wants guests to be garbed in traditional degen attire for this evening of intrigue and mystery, so a mint of 9,999 NFT PFPs will be bestowed upon all his subjects, both loyal incooomers and plebes alike.

Each PFP will be generative, drawing its various elements from the King’s famous costume collection.

Pre-mint will be open for Incooom Genesis card holders & VIPP. Genesis card holders will have the opportunity to mint one PFP for every one card they own, at a price of .011 ETH per PFP. Wallets holding a VIPP will be able to mint 1 per wallet. Pre-mint will be capped at 3,333.

General mint will be open on 21:20 UTC to all, regardless of card holdings, and priced at .033 ETH per PFP. Minting will be limited to 15 per transaction. In total, 6,666 PFPs will be available during the general mint.

All mints will be done on the Incooom App:

1 out of every 333 PFPs will come with a gold background. Being the magnanimous ruler that he is, King Incooom will gift a Genesis Card to holders of these special golden PFPs.

Fund’s from the mint will further our dream of building incooom into a one billion dollar protocol by end of year. A breakdown:

We will be live streaming the even starting at 21:00 UTC October 29th. Be sure to tune in and get more ALFA pertaining to the allocation (utility) and watch the mint live via twitch.

The King hopes you can join us for this festive affair and requests that you RSVP on the Incooom Discord.




Merging decentralized finance and NFT culture to proliferate the metaverse. Welcooom to the TAKEOVER.

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Merging decentralized finance and NFT culture to proliferate the metaverse. Welcooom to the TAKEOVER.

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