An Introduction to INCOOOM the Revolutionary Merger of DeFi & NFTs


Hellooo and welcooom to the next EPOCH. Incooom Finance is merging the best of decentralized finance (DeFi) and non-fungible token (NFT) culture to generate value and proliferate the expansion of the metaverse. Through the attributes of ERC-721 contracts, NFTs can be programmed with features to gamify value and create win-win-win outcomes. As the metaverse proliferates, new protocols are being developed to redefine the traditionally held consensus of value. INCOOOM is on the cutting edge of merging metaverse to meat space in multiple spheres.

Our Philosophy


Incooom proudly launched its GENESIS OFFERING on 9/9/2021. This day we declared the TAKEOVER and introduced our protocol to the masses. Our genesis event bootstrapped the protocol for our first vault the INCOOOM GENESIS 9,9.

A recording of APEFEST

The Details

Incooom Genesis offering consists of 2916 individual playing cards offered in 3 tiers: CLASSIC, GOLD & PSYCHEDELIC

Classic Jack
Gold Queen
Psychedelic King

The tier system allows us to create attributes associated with the NFT which provide different equity profiles.

  • Classic (Common) 66% of deck supply & INDEX yield
  • Gold (Rare) 22% of deck supply & 33% boosted yield
  • Psychedelic (Super Rare) 11% of deck supply & 66% boosted yield

What sets us apart?

After the mint, Incooom reserves half of the proceeds to execute a yield bearing strategy for the NFT holders. This equates to 117 ETH that will be managed in a vault multi-sig. By merely holding an NFT, you will be earning PASSIVE INCOOOM thanks to a performance strategy referred to as (9,9). The vault can be observed here. The other half of minting revenue is used to provide liquidity in NFTX vaults. This allows instant swapping and fair price discovery giving INCOOOM a feature few other NFTs have.

The (9,9) Strategy

The (9,9) strategy is a leveraged play on Olympus Dao’s $OHM token. OHM is an algorithmically free float reserve currency that offers bond discounts and incentivized staking. Read more about the wonders of Olympus here. Due to the market dynamics present in $OHM, our team has identified strategies to outperform the amazing 7,000% APY currently offered under a staked strategy.

Our team is comprised of GIGA brains from the Olympus Dao and we will be using our expertise along with economies of scale to generate performance on the vaulted funds. This will be done through DeFi tools offered at Rari Capital and Abracadabra. (A detailed prospectus on the strategy will be released later this week)


On top of the yield strategy, incooomers will enjoy a split of revenue generated from trading. NFTX vaults have been established for each tier and generate protocol revenue on trading fees. These fees will be part of the diamond handed players club. Incooomers will have the ability to stake 5 cards in their best poker hand to earn bonus return on top of the vaulted strategy. A detailed breakdown on this mechanism will follow but rewards will be gamified by strength of poker hand. For Incooom, the JOKER is WILD!

International Humanitarian
Holding combinations of cards bears higher rewards

Team & Community

Incooom is a community collective of GIGA brain APES and DEGENS who all share a love of passive income and NFT culture. We are working collectively to collaborate and create decentralized solutions in the next epoch of decentralized finance. The community drives all subsequent offerings and strategies as we enter the permission-less renaissance. We are always looking to collaborate with strong decentralized communities and individuals who love to build amazing cutting edge tools in this brave new world.

The community is based in discord; stop by and VIBE out with us!

The Future is BRIGHT

Our Genesis Offering merely marks the beginning of Incooom’s reign. We will be minting NFTs for an array of win-win-win strategies across the decentralized finance landscape. We have learned early and often that collaboration and cooperation leads to the best outcomes. If you would like to learn more check out our official links and give us a clap and subscribe!

Official Links

Genesis Offering (9,9) — Buy/Sell/Swap

Ethereum Contracts/Wallets

  • 0x906642380fd9b7aa726bce9c6abee7378396061b (9,9) Genesis Collection
  • 0x9259ec974a0013E4b3560820c4B5ffA3768BF910 (9,9) Genesis Vault




Merging decentralized finance and NFT culture to proliferate the metaverse. Welcooom to the TAKEOVER.

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Merging decentralized finance and NFT culture to proliferate the metaverse. Welcooom to the TAKEOVER.

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